Youth Lacrosse Clubs Compete in the Midwest

Mercyhealth Sportscore One – Rockford, IL

Train With College Coaches, Be Seen By College Coaches, Prepare To Play!
Mercyhealth Sportscore One – Rockford, IL
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Players will love the expansive and pristine fields,
full concessions, an air-conditioned clubhouse,
and of course, hand-selected competitive match-ups.

3 Divisions:
Mixed U15 (teams that are all 2022s or a mix of 2021/2022/2023)
U13 (2023 and younger, including those 2022s who fall under the U13 age umbrella based on USL rules)

Please note:  Younger players may play up a division, however, older players may not play down (2021s and 2022s (who do not fall under the USL U13 age verification) may not play in U13). Players graduating in 2020 may not compete in this tournament.

Tournament Format:  Championship tournament with 5 guaranteed games  – 3 pool play games on Saturday and a min of 2 playoff games on Sunday.  Games will start at approx. 8am on Saturday morning and will end by early afternoon on Sunday.

Fees and Registration:

  • $1,195 per team,  through April 15, 2017
  • $1,295. per team, starting April 16, 2017
  • $500 deposit, to secure $1,295.00 fee (Non-Refundable), due April 15, 2017
    – Full payment due by June 3, 2017
    – Final payment is due June 3, 2017
    – No refunds issued as of June 3, 2017

    Only 80% of final balance is refundable prior to June 3, 2017

A 5A ranking system will be used at registration to rank the skill level of your team.Highest to lowest-AAAAA to A

Multiple Team Discount

Effective for 2017, Lakeshore offers discounts when registering for multiple Lakeshore Tournaments during the same calendar year. Discount can be applied to more than one team in a club, if all rules are met. Total discount per club not to exceed $300 in one calendar year.

If a club registers for TWO Lakeshore tournaments in one calendar year AT THE SAME TIME they will be offered 10% off the cost of the least expensive tournament fee but in order to get the discount, they must at least pay the deposit for the later (or second) tournament.

If a club registered for THREE Lakeshore Tournaments in one calendar year AT THE SAME TIME they will be offered 15% off least expensive tournament, 10% off the second least expensive tournament and pay full price for the 3rd, but in order to get the discount, they must at least pay the deposits for the two (later) tournaments (less any discounts).

If a club withdraws from a tournament that provided the mulit-tournament discount, all prices will be reset to the original cost, and the club will be responsible for paying the difference. Lakeshore Lacrosse reserves the right to withhold deposits to re-coup any costs.

*Discount does not apply to Midwest Lacrosse Challenge.